Join us for the FIRST Sea Scout Scuttlebutt! This scuttlebutt is for Sea Scouts , or prospective Sea Scouts, so Venturers or Scouts BSA youth are welcome to come. This event is hosted by the National Sea Scout Quarterdeck and will have Sea Scouts from across the country. Space on Zoom is limited to 100, so Skippers, Mates, and Committee Members should watch on the live streams on Facebook Live or YouTube, so Scouts can be attend on Zoom. Sea Scouts can register to attend on Zoom.

During this event you will have the opportunity to:

Socialize with our National Quarterdeck and lots of other youth from across the nation:
Gain knowledge about best recruitment methods for youth and adults: and
Ask questions not only about recruitment, but leadership, water activities, the Quarterdeck, and Sea Scouts in general.

Why is this event called a Scuttlebutt? On sailing ships, the Scuttlebutt was a place where sailors could have fresh water. It was one of the few common areas where a sailor could relax while talking with their shipmates.