Sea Scout Ships attending activities such as a Scout-O-Rama or on-campus recruiting activity at high schools often have to decide, “What can we introduce interested youth to Sea Scouts?” Photo booths for “selfies” are a fun and inexpensive way to creatively engage prospective Sea Scouts.

Sea Scouts attending an OA Conclave in the Southern Region put together a photo booth with readily available equipment from their Ship that was highly successful. Over 1,300 Scouts attended the Conclave and they constantly had a line of people waiting their turn to take a photo at the Sea Scout exhibit. The Long Beach Sea Scout also has a new selfie booth for Boy Scouts and other groups that visit the base for activities. Here are tips to create your own Sea Scout Photo Booth:

Backdrop: blue tarp, sheet, or photo backdrop to create an ocean or lake theme;

Alternative Backdrop: small boat such as a skiff, Whitehall, wherry, or similar boat;

Props: lifejackets, ring buoys, sextants, spyglasses, hand bearing compass, small helm, or similar equipment used for safety or navigation. Ambitious Ships could also make a “photo frame” with their Ship’s information for people to hold in front of the photo booth;

Costumes: Dixie Cup hats, pirate attire, or similar nautically themed costumes.

Ships have many options for creating a Sea Scout photo booth that can be used for community outreach. There are many websites, blogs, and Pinterest posts, with “do it yourself” examples of photo booth ideas. Whatever options you use for your Ship, be sure to add your Ship’s website or to the backdrop or proprs, so others can find out about Sea Scouts from the photos.