Safety at Sea in a nutshell is a large safety meeting, that may sound boring, but I promise it is not. 16 ships from Area 3 came together at the Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston Field Office to learn and practice safety skills, like flares and mustang suits, that ships they normally can’t do by themselves. Two of the great stations were the flares and the damage control simulator. The flares were popular because when an adult tells a youth not to play with fire, there is always a part of that youth that wants to play with it, and more importantly we got to see what the flares were actually like and how to use them before an unlikely event where we needed them.

The damage control simulator was popular, even though it was a water activity in the cold wind, because we got to practice plugging leaks in our makeshift hull. The most popular station was the explosive dog demonstration because the dog was very talented and soft. A big thanks go out to the men and women at the field office who volunteered to run our activities and they were very open to us asking about their experiences in the Coast Guard.


The Coast Guard was so kind to give us a water rescue demonstration from a helicopter. This activity was also very important to our area because our area competition, Minto Rendezvous, had been cancelled due to Hurricane Harvey. Safety at Sea allowed for the ships of the area to check in with one another and catch up. We hope to see all of you that were at Safety at Sea and those that could not make it at Sea Scout Academy Galveston on MLK weekend.


– Area 3 Boatswain Mate Jack Otto