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Commodore’s Corner: Summer 2020

This has certainly been an interesting and unprecedented summer for Scouting and Sea Scouting in particular. It would be surprising if you have not heard about BSA’s Churchill Plan and the proposals that would have affected Sea Scouts, but at this point, that is...

Commodore’s Corner: Shore Leave is Over

Ok folks, shore leave is over, time to get back underway! Some ships have shut down operations and are waiting for things to return to ‘normal’ and that’s a serious mistake. None of us can see the future, but it seems likely that it is going to be a while before we can get back on the water, yet our Scouting needs to actively continue no matter how long that takes.

Advancement Questions during Covid-19

If you have questions about advancement during this time of "social distancing," then we suggest you check out the FAQ the BSA has put together. There is a section dedicated to "Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts" and the answers to many questions, including...