Sea Scouts: Where are they going?

Whenever I’m asked the question “why do Sea Scouts?” by any high-schooler or adult, I usually provide a variety of reasons. One reason that I always explain is that Sea Scouts is valuable because the career opportunities the program exposes you to. When I say career...

Ship 16 Confluence of Suffolk, VA named 2019 National Flagship

Sea Scout Ship 16 Confluence of Colonial Virginia Council has been awarded the 2019 BoatU.S. National Flagship Award. Ship 16 has an extensive and well rounded outdoor program, solid youth leadership and great participation in community service.

April 2019- Safety, Maritime Explorer Clubs, Insignia

This month’s Commodore’s Corner includes a marine safety alert for VHF radio interference, and answers questions about the Maritime Explorer Club program, developments with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Partnership, advancement, and badges of office.

Sea Scout National Youth Quarterdeck

One of the best the parts about the Sea Scouts is that it is Scout led, that is something that we want to show on the national level. We are now introducing the National Youth Quarterdeck, a national level group of experienced Sea Scout youth to help guide the Sea...